About Sheild

Our Mission

The mission of SHEILD is bringing relief to the population in general and to those who suffered and are still suffering from war and from the absence of governmental health and social care and protection. The methods involve direct assistance as well as community based interventions to enhance human rights, economic conditions, and social integration.A participatory approach is utilized that involves local stakeholders and authorities within a system of coordination to assess needs and subsequently implement programs with high emphasis on the most vulnerable and deprived members of targeted communities.

WITHOUT BARRIERS SHEILD operates in absolute harmony with the principles of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Arab Charter on Human Rights. People in need must be assisted with no distinction or discrimination by race, gender, religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin, or class.

SHEILD is a Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO) formed and managed by Lebanese citizens working for the best interests of Lebanese communities. Our main fields of intervention involve the social, economic, health, and educational sectors.

Our Emergency and Development projects are distinguished by:


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a long-term development strategy for increased diversity and extensive fundraising capacity; to include further progress of funded projects and enhanced partnership opportunities with local and international donors; and to better position the organization to meet the future needs of the communities it serves in the south of Lebanon. 


Over the years, SHEILD offered direct and indirect assistance to almost all those in need among the host Lebanese communities and refugees’ massive numbers in the south of Lebanon. SHEILD outreached tens of thousands of people and households suffering from poverty, neglect and refuge.

Since 2010, SHEILD have assessed over 2000 cases for livelihood interventions and have been able to ensure income for more than 350 vulnerable Lebanese families including vulnerable women, inmates’ families and ex-inmates through grants for business start-ups and income generation activities, making capacity building and vocational trainings opportunities easily accessible and involving over 50 municipalities and social development centers as partners in these achievements.

In its emergency programs and since 2012, SHEILD was able to bring relief and assistance to thousands of Syrian refugees all over the south of Lebanon:

-       18,865 HHs assessed and 15,888 HHs of Syrian newcomers received food parcels

-       13,219 Syrian HHs assessed and 10,764 HHs of Syrian newcomers assisted by NFIs

-       467 unregistered refugees were assisted by NFIs and shelter repairs

-       492 Lebanese vulnerable HHs hosting refugees were assisted by NFIs and FIs

-       39,396 registered Syrian refugees benefitted from hygiene kits and material

-       18,302 Syrian refugees women received sanitary material

-       15,895 Syrian refugees were transported for registration

-       460 Syrian families received cash for rent assistance and 422 received unconditional cash assistance

-       2,695 Syrian families received winterization assistance

-       68,475 Syrian refugees including more than 75% of women and children benefitted from capacity building and life skills trainings, protection monitoring and outreach activities, awareness activities, psychosocial support, counseling and case management.

-       1,353 beneficiaries among Syrian and Lebanese are involved in Jowaya’s community center activities and academic educational programs.

SHEILD invested over 10 million USD in the past 7 years in development and emergency programs with the help of its generous past and present donors including DROSOS Foundation, UNHCR, WFP, OCHA, UNFPA, UNDP, ICRC, RDPP, NPA, DRC, MERCYCORPS, FREDERICH EBERT & the embassies of the KINGDOM OF NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, JAPAN, GREAT BRITAIN and AUSTRALIA.  

Sheild E-Unit

Emergency Unit SHEILD is created to strengthen the orginization's capacity to respond to emergencies. This Unit responds to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by natural disasters ad armed conflicts and provides emergency assistance all over South Lebanon.

Sheild's Emergency Unit and Research Unit

SHEILD’s Emergency Unit was created to strengthen the organization’s capacity to respond to emergencies. This Unit responds to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts. It provides emergency assistance all over South Lebanon.